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Authors: A.

The new house School (continued). Trad. Ruch. v NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES AND BOOKS. Authors: A. Pages, Freinet, Elise Freinet Frieberg, Honore Bourguignon Itchenko J need to do my homework
. Aicard, Klimenko, Lavit, Roger Gauthier, V. Ruch and Y. Pages Read more
1 result Results Site grouping of eastern Paris the Modern School In: edited by a Departmental Group For teachers Author webpages: GEPEM More
1 Results Printing results at school No. 38 – In November 1930: The International Printing Publishing at the School of Printing in the School For Teachers review Arts> Visual Arts> Drawing Others> Esperanto history-Geo> history Art> Cinema pedagogical techniques> tools> teaching Techniques file> audiovisual techniques> photography pedagogical techniques> audiovisual equipment> radio pedagogical Principles> communication> correspondence teaching techniques> printing pedagogical techniques> technical plastic Arts teaching Techniques> free text January 1931 USSR, USSR SUMMARY PRINTING TO SCHOOL: teaching Education Theory and Techniques (C. Freinet). The Cooperative School File: delivery. – Our educational research: The design, first free activity (E. Lagier-Bruno). – For our working libraries (C.F.). – The Printing to the School and the teaching of history (Gauthier). – Our technical research: The woodcut – History (Ruch). – To strengthen Freinet presses. – For the development of our printed (Bourguignon). – The life of our group. INTER MATCH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL BY ESPERANTO: Aesthetic Education in U.R.S.S. – End of the school year (Klimenko). – – Organization correspondence service and Regulations. CINEMA: International Journal of Cinema Educator. – Cinema, Child, School (continued) (Udd Itchenko.). RADIO: The B.C.P. (Lavit). – The super B.G.P. (J. Aicard). International Documentation. EDUCATIONAL TECHNIQUES. – The phono School (Y. and A. Pages). – Nightclub. – The teaching manual work in Swedish schools (Frieberg). The new house School (continued). Trad. Ruch. v NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES AND BOOKS. Authors: A. Pages, Freinet, Elise Freinet Frieberg, Honore Bourguignon Itchenko J. Aicard, Klimenko, Lavit, Roger Gauthier, V. Ruch and Y. Pages Read more
3 Results CORRESPONDENCE can it be done for two consecutive years with the same students? In: The Educator CEL For teachers teaching journal Principles> Communication> correspondence October 1964 Author: Monique Grandjonc More Experience of teaching German with tapes in: school level> The second degree Educator CEL For teachers review Languages> Modern Languages ??February 1966 Author: Monique Grandjonc more for educational reform at the faculty in: school level> higher education educator CEL for teachers reviewed September 1968 Author: Monique Grandjonc more
In: Inventions For students For teachers review Arts Life of the cooperative class citizenship pedagogical principles> term-creation Pedagogical Principles> Communication> correspondence to use online December 2007 Online Journal Creations “art libraries” Announced in New Educator No. 185 – Published in December 2007 was attended by the development of this issue: Jacqueline Benais Simone Cixous, Katina Ieremiadis Maud Lechopier Agnes Merry Laurence Maurand Herve Nunez, Eliane Trocolo. Photos: Anto Alquier Baggio Carol Thomas, Jacqueline Benais Joel Blanchard Gaetane Bouchet, Anne-Marie Bourbonnais Yolande Dupuy, Philippe Geneste, Agnes Merry Laurence Maurand Herve Nunez Anne Roy, Eliane Trocolo. under Article level class technical theme art libraries used artist … An editorial art library elementary school – School of Aizenay (Vendee) A project born from several observations. The art library on wheels GD 95 (Val d’Oise) Cooperation and mutual enrichment for everyone in an art library creation IDEM 56 (Morbihan) Create for the art library, the art library to create elementary Correspondence: CM1 / CM2 Correspondence between teacher and artist Jean Pallandre, phonographiste the college “direction” below top college objects and materials to poetry straw plant shadows spots styling Nathalie Charmot artist is displayed college and high school Exchanging creations: an opening to the a real outdoor gallery in the college college “We calculated that in four years, each student will have been in contact with sixteen different artists’ artistic practice, visit exhibition, cultural anchor Setting up a pottery workshop in the workshop class ICEM Congress, Paris, August 2007 earth workshop, a work with which to advance and build a positive self-image. Clay Anne-Marie Bourbonnais potter The book of nursery class Eliane edge: GS One year of visual arts in kindergarten The large laundry testimonies Three Point Art of Limoges (Haute Vienne) Elementary ephemeral art installation initiated by an artist, Joelle Gonthier, large Laundry is held twice a year in September and January. Editorial: art libraries … An art library at the school in creating an art library Correspondence College “meaning” mess Setting up a class pottery workshop LARGE LAUNDRY Three testimonies Editorial: art libraries …> Add Printer comment
4 Results The free drawing on pavements In: The children’s art educator CEL For teachers reviewed January 1968 Author: Dasa Kmoskova More Freinet pedagogy in Czechoslovakia In: The International Educator CEL For teachers review October 1967 Author: Dasa Kmoskova more to raise public awareness art Childish in: the Educator CEL for teachers Arts magazine in October 1968 Author: Dasa Kmoskova more art and artistic activity in children: the Educator CEL For teachers Arts magazine in October 1968 Author: Dasa Kmoskova more
2 Results Enfantines No. 148 – Revenge of Jehan In: Enfantines Publishing Printing at the School For students For teachers reviewed December 1949 Author: Pierre Fournier More An exciting project In: The Educator For CEL teachers review in September 1968 Authors: Elise Freinet and Pierre Fournier more
1 result Results A new design C.E.P.E. in the Ardennes In: The Educator CEL For teachers teaching journal Techniques> Evaluation September 1968 Author: Alain Dubois More
1 result Results BTn. In Presentation: Digital For BT plug teachers to use online BTn January 2009 Articles, What is it? Add a comment Read more
1 result Results The war in the time of William the Conqueror In: Geo> History May 2013 In the Middle Ages, in the eleventh century, Duke William of Normandy conquered the throne of England; and his wife, Queen Matilda, kept the memory of the wars of that time. A class tells his discoveries. Authors: Site BTn ICEM and class Muriel Quoniam More
1 result Results Eencontre International Educators Freinet – Chimay (Belgium) August 19-23, 1968: The Educator CEL For teachers review Movements> Freinet movement> RIDEF October 1968 Author: Raoul-Marc Jennar More
1 result Results First thoughts of a beginning teacher in modern pedagogy In: The Educator CEL For teachers review French> Scripture-reading instructional principles> natural method> natural method of writing-reading Training and research> Training> start teaching Principles > natural method November 1968 Author: Claudette Bigrel more
2 Results Ludo-educational ASRI Edu In: For students> For kindergarten students> Elementary For software operating system teachers to download free free license in October 2011 An ideal operating system to give new life to old computers class. Also great live CD, without installation. 3 comments Read more Toutou Linux In: For students> For kindergarten students> Elementary For students> College For Students> High School For software operating system teachers to download free free license in April 2011 This is a real mini Linux operating system designed to be as light as possible.

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